A Change in the Weather is two things: a novel and a blog.

The novel, which is available in a paperbound version and as a Kindle book on Amazon, imagines the immediate consequences of the abrupt climate change we’re so assiduously inducing. Forget the environment. Long before the sea level rises, democracy will have begun to crumble, as the Russell family finds out.  It’s organized into six parts. The eight chapters of Part One are posted on this site. There are thirty-eight chapters in all.

The blog expands on themes from the book.

For more on the story, see About the Novel.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download free Kindle software to your PC or Mac. Free Kindle software is also available for other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

All parts of the blog and the novel are copyrighted by Raymond Welch. All rights reserved.

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