Part One

March 2028

      “This summer will mark the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of the Arctic summer ice cap. The world looked on in disbelief as satellites tracked the collapse of the last 560,000 square miles of summer polar ice over the course of little more than two weeks, and brought those pictures into our homes.

     “The winter ice has since returned for successively shorter periods in the ensuing ten years. Last year, the thin skim which formed in November disappeared completely by mid-July.

     “The absence of the summer ice cap is widely thought to have caused the volatile shifts in the jet stream that have disrupted rain patterns and agriculture across the globe.

     “Governments around the world have declared September first as a day of international commemoration and recommitment to climate restoration. Here in the United States, prayer vigils will be held, and President Strauch has asked every American to observe one minute of silence on that day at twelve noon, Eastern Time.”

— Homeland Broadcast Service, March 1, 2028

     “This insult to the handiwork of Allah must be rectified. The infidels who have appropriated His resources to build their wealth have caused great suffering to His people. We must rise up and deny them the source of their power, the oil that Allah in His wisdom bestowed upon the children of Islam. The corrupt usurpers who have made their traitorous bargain with the infidels must be removed and punished, and their wealth returned to the faithful, so that the desert can be made to bloom as intended by Allah most exalted. May His people rule and bring glory to His name.”

— from the website “Climate Jihad”

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