The Permanence of Loss

In Part Two, President Strauch deputizes the Order of the Eagle and Cross as a militia under his personal command.

My dad died last week. Nothing brings home the permanence of loss like losing someone as close as a parent.

A personal loss like this is hard to bear. But everyone does it, and has since the dawn of humankind. There’s a period of adjustment, and then we carry on.

Everyone must die. It’s simply a part of nature.

If the ice cap goes, there will be no recovery. It’s not a personal thing. It’s not a natural thing. But it will be a permanent thing for everyone. In the moments I haven’t been preoccupied with the immediate, I wonder how each one of us will react once we realize that the ice cap is irretrievably gone. There will be no reknitting of that particular ravel.

A brief post today. Thanks for reading. I have things to tend to. More next time.


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